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Yay or nay?

08th October, 2013

This morning has seen a rather strange poll going on in the office.

Our Sales Director, Nick, was gifted this strange item from his wife so we are open to all opinions please!



So far, the comments are as follows:

Tim: Had an African friend at Uni who went Punk

Phil: Different – likes

Ann: Odd and evil

Kaz: Voodoo-esque! Interesting & weird, I like it..

Beckie – Scary!!

Nina: Simple yet effective. Looks funky on a table – eye catching!

Julie: Spooky – Looks like a crash helmet, punky.

Denise: Alien, not from this world!

Yazmin: Intriguing

Laura: A bit weird. Looks like the stig!!

Peter: I think it is quite appropriate. The sort of thing I would probably give to Nick if I had the nerve.

Chris: What the hell is that? Your wife must hate you!


Comments below please!