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Archives: July 2013

Big D Peanuts

18th July, 2013

• Salted • Dry Roasted • Honey Roasted • Chilli • Salted Cashews


27th June, 2013

Twiglets are a unique, wholewheat product within the bagged snacks and sharing market. There is a huge amount of brand loyalty with people enjoying Twiglets for their multi-dimensional taste and texture. The extra crunchy bite and knobbly shape, combined with the unique flavour, make Twiglets irresistible for many.

Mini Cheddars

27th May, 2013

Available in original and BBQ flavours. Packaged by card, box or catering size bags.

Darling Spuds

26th May, 2013

These are delicious, authentic chips with wholesome characters and fiesty flavours, borne out of our potatoes enjoying a well-grounded upbringing. Not only are they handcooked but also gluten free, vegetarian friendly, completely free of any unsavoury GMO’s and 20% lower in fat than standard crisps. Sea Salt Cheddar, Leek...


25th May, 2013

Dry Roasted, Cashews (40g), Sea Salted and Honey Roasted