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Archives: August 2013


27th August, 2013

A blend of around forty different eaux-de-vie. The Cognac grading system was actually created by Maurice Hennessy in 1865. This VS (very special) cognac is the quintessential Cognac.


27th August, 2013

Courvoisier proudly boast their Cognac as that of Napoleon. It all started when Napoleon took hundreds of bottles of Courvoisier Cognac for his years of exile. Napoleon told Emmanuel Courvoisier that whilst he could be given the Hennessy or the Cristal, or indeed the Remy, it was the Courvoisier...

Martell VS

27th August, 2013

This classic VS cognac from Martell is largely made with Ugni Blanc grapes from the Borderies region. The results are fruity and woody and quite complex.

Martell VSOP Medaillon

27th August, 2013

A rich, nutty Cognac from Martell. A very popular VSOP.

Three Barrels VSOP

27th August, 2013

A family owned brand from Cognac, this VSOP is handmade and offers flavours of walnut, almond and dried fruits. Good value for money.