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Service Update – September 2021

03rd September, 2021


When we last wrote to you back in June the whole industry was reeling from the overwhelming demand
that hit us together with the lack of HGV drivers, empties and additional staffing to cope with the extra
volume of deliveries both incoming and outgoing. At every stage of the way I have been communicating
at a senior level across all our suppliers, in an effort, to get answers and solutions to the difficulties that we
have been facing.

Unfortunately, certain suppliers have not been very responsive or sympathetic to the issues that both you
and ourselves, are facing. I have insisted that they communicate with you, our customers to not only show
that we are not to blame but also to demonstrate what action is being taken. The worst of these has been
Heineken and despite asking for regular trade updates we have received very little….. we feel helpless and
almost forgotten. I am pressing for news and yet it is falling on deaf ears.

Thankfully, unlike Heineken we do have alternatives to offer, and this has been our lifeline since continual
shortages, failed deliveries and sudden out of stock surprises have made life very stressful for us all. Even
allocations get pulled with no rhyme or reason and this is happening nationwide.

Above all I wanted you all to know that here at DAYLA my fantastic team of staff are all working tirelessly
to keep the wheels moving and whilst we face other pressures on stocks largely due to delays at our ports,
we are determined to get through this.

I thank you for your patience which I know is wearing thin but just wanted you to know that we are simply
trying everything to satisfy your needs, though very much left in the hands of our suppliers some of whom
quite frankly don`t get it and even ask me what they are supposed to do. Once we are out of this, I know
that the normal high standards on which I have built the business will prevail.

Thank you once again for listening, all be it with no light at the end of the tunnel just yet.

Tim Cooper – Managing Director