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Gas Update September 2021

03rd September, 2021


Following the huge upsurge in trade since the re-opening of the Hospitality Sector from April onwards,
we are now experiencing an exceptional demand for the supply of both CO2 and Mixed Gases. As a result
of this our Supplier has put us on an allocation, due not only to the pure demand but also the lack of
returned cylinders to fill and exhausted availability of actual gas.

May we remind you all that all returns immediately receive a refund of the £10 per cylinder deposit and
currently we need to insist on a one in, for one out rule. Equally we also need to remind you of the fact

that every cylinder should be dispensing your products approximately as follows : –

• 10 to 12 x 11 gallon (50 Litre) Kegs per Cylinder OR 4 x 7 Litre Bag in Box Post Mix

Clearly anything that falls well below this means that there could be a likelihood of a leak that you will
need to have fully checked by your Main Brewer Supplier.

Our own Gas Supplier, AIR LIQUIDE, has been experiencing major problems in supply following a necessary
shutdown under Health & Safety rules, as well as shortage of cylinders. Although we also now have our
very own CO2 only gas plant, we have been unable to meet the increased demand and also been unable
to source.

However, our Sales Teams (both internal and external) can advise you of immediate alternative Suppliers
so that you can prepare for another source of supply.

We are very sorry for yet another inconvenience but trust that you will appreciate that we are trying our
very best to keep you functioning as best we can.

Tim Cooper

Managing Director