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Dear Customers – June 2021 Update

07th June, 2021


Dear Friends of Dayla & James Pettit,

We have been looking forward to welcoming all our great customers back to our Family Business
and have been truly overwhelmed with the support that you have all shown us since our return to
business and on behalf of all my Family and all the great DAYLA & James Pettit Team can I say a
sincere thank you to you all as it really means a lot to us following the uncertain times that the last
15 months have brought us.

Whilst our own service levels remain at the forefront of everything that we do and make us what we
are, there have been a great many challenges and difficulties with which we have had to deal on a
daily basis and frustratingly for myself and my staff they are difficulties beyond our control…..despite
a lot of time and pressure from myself and my team to solve matters.

Most of our large suppliers and brewers actually out-source their own distribution and with a lack of
drivers and vehicles that they have all experienced this has made fulfilling our orders with them very
challenging. The unbelievable demand has surprised them all and as quickly as they try to do catch
up it is proving very difficult, allied to lack of empties coming back into the supply chain… please
be sure to let us pick up as many empties as available. Some beers have been on an allocation basis
and hopefully that is coming to an end but the huge switch from session to premium beers has again
taken all by surprise.

I just thought it important to share this with you and believe you me it is affecting all distributors
across the entire UK many of whom I know personally, and we share these difficulties between us all.
The Brexit challenge is another hurdle that we are facing with lead times on imported products being
constantly changed and lack of adequate cooperation to solve such matters……nevertheless
we continue to deal with it as best we can.

May we say a big thank you for your patience and let`s hope that we never again have to face re-
starting a whole industry all over again……that none of us deserves. Going the extra mile will continue
to be the DAYLA philosophy, of that you can be assured. To help us achieve this you will appreciate
that life will be easier for all of us if you keep to your normal delivery day and ensure that orders are
placed by 2.30pm the day before.

Finally, if you do have any concerns whatsoever, please contact your Account Manager who is back
to full working hours and eager to help.

Thank You again.

Tim Cooper

Managing Director