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Dear Customers – June 2021 Upate 2

17th June, 2021


Dear Friends of Dayla & James Pettit,

Following my most recent email to you all, I felt it so important to keep you all abreast of supply issues and the remedial action available to us. The most serious of those is the ongoing supply problems with Heineken who just cannot guarantee deliveries of orders into ourselves. They won`t even keep our orders on their system and each time it fails, we have to resubmit the order which is frankly ludicrous.

I personally have remonstrated at the most senior level and to say that they are all at a loss to solve the issues is an understatement with lack of drivers, empties to fill and a huge backlog of orders being the most serious of all. They have given their blessing to pour any beers through their taps and we have taken steps to increase our stocks of alternative brands so that you have beer to sell.

This is far from ideal but as ever we wanted you to know that we are trying our utmost to keep you supplied despite these imposed hurdles. Other Brewers have been experiencing problems but thankfully have jumped to the rescue when required and truly gone the extra mile.

As you know Heineken also own 2,500 Stars Pubs and Bars and have even suggested that these pubs come to us for supply as Heineken can`t serve them !!!  Clearly, we have been unable to do that as our loyal customers must come first.

Like you, we hope that this supply issue can be resolved soon, though as it is a nationwide issue we can`t see it being sorted overnight. As ever we shall endeavour to keep you all in the loop.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding …… almost at the end of my tether but assure you that we`ll get there !!

Tim Cooper 

Managing Director