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Archives: December 2013

Dry White

17th December, 2013

Origin – Australia A combination of grape varietal that have been selected for their distinctive flavour and bouquet to create a light, dry, delightful wine for all occasions.

Colombard Chardonnay

17th December, 2013

Origin – South Africa An ever popular white varietal combination which blends the delicate flavour in the Colombard grape with the more robust melon and tropical fruit flavours typically found in Chardonnay to produce a rounded white wine with high appeal.

Pinot Grigio Gargenega

17th December, 2013

Origin – Italy A very popular light and easy drinking wine with minimal acidity and soft, white fruit notes.


17th December, 2013

Origin – Chile A blended varietal comprising Cabernet – a wine with blackcurrant and soft berry notes combined with Merlot – cooked fruit pudding, quite jam-like in flavour.

Liebframilch Rheinhessen

17th December, 2013

Origin – Germany A medium bodied white wine with a semi-sweet flavour typically easy drinking and appealing to a traditional wine consumer.