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North & Randall Truck

10th January, 2014


Christmas 2012 held quite a surprise when great friend, former customer and fellow Aston Clintonian, Ron Miller arrived at DAYLA in this fully restored Vintage Vehicle.

Sadly in April 2013, Ron passed away. He lovingly restored this lorry over 2 years , without our MD, Tim Cooper even knowing. North & Randall was the original name of DAYLA and the very same business that Tim`s Grandfather bought in 1919 after the War.

This lorry forms part of a very impressive collection that the Miller Family still own and once again it will be on display at the Annual Chilterns Vintage Vehicle Rally in May .

If you look at the old 1950s picture taken outside The Bell at North Marston (now The Pilgrim) you can see how accurate the restoration has been. Tim`s Father, Dick remembers driving the very same vehicle , commenting on how easy it was to tip a load when going too fast around a roundabout.

truck4webOutside The Bell Inn, North Marston

north randall truckwebThe truck delivering Hubbly Bubbly in its hey-day!

truck1webThe lovingly restored North & Randall truck in 2012

truck3webTim Cooper, Managing Director of Dayla, and friend Ron Miller.

truck2webThe truck with one of our vans of today!