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Archives: May 2015

Aspall | Harry Sparrow

27th May, 2015

Medium dry and sessionable with a floral aroma and cedar overtones of apples. This beautiful cyder is named after the beloved Harry of Aspall Cyder who combined Suffolk charm with French cyder making heritage to create hand crafted cyders for over 50 years.

Westons Mortimer’s Orchard

13th April, 2015

Mortimer’s orchard is a cider of noble lineage with an ancient and pure pedigree. The care and precision taken over the craft of Mortimer’s Orchard is reflected in its crisp, rich and refreshing flavour. A cider that will want you returning for more.

Stowford Press

17th September, 2014

The light-gold colour reflects the truly fruity and refreshing apple flavours, therefore, Stowford Press really does taste as good as it looks. Or if you are after something lighter which still retains the great taste of Stowford Press, why not try our Low Alcohol option. Stowford Press is the perfect...

Thatchers Gold Cider

17th September, 2014

Thatchers Gold tastes as good as it looks. Using the best of our traditional approach and modern techniques for a refreshing cider with a smooth appley taste and a bright sparkle.

Kingstone Press

01st November, 2013

Kingstone Press cider is made using the best bittersweet apples, harvested from Herefordshire orchards, traditionally the finest for cider production. A slow fermentation process is used, that has been perfected over the centuries, to deliver fresh and natural flavour.


18th September, 2013

Bulmers Original Irish Cider is Ireland’s favorite cider. It is patiently vat matured to deliver a pure, crisp, refreshing flavour and natural character. A time honoured tradition that is part of its authentic heritage.


18th September, 2013

Strongbow is a blend of bittersweet cider and culinary apples, making it a well-balanced hard cider that’s anything but ordinary. At first sip, you’ll note a bold cider flavor from the fermented cider apples, followed by a distinct, fresh apple taste from the culinary apples. Naturally gluten free, Strongbow...

Magners Golden

18th September, 2013

“Sometimes we fancy something a little different. That’s why we made Magners Golden Draught, it gives people something with a really crisp taste by using a higher proportion of the smaller, harder to crush Dabinett and Michelin apples.”

Aspall’s Cyder

17th September, 2013

Draught has a mid straw colour with a floral and appley aroma, especially of Russetts. It is a medium dry cyder with a mouth filling mousse and a delicate flavour of fresh pressed apples which has a complexity that enhances its long finish.

Gaymers Original

17th September, 2013

Cold filtered for a clean, refreshing taste. Made using English apples and crafted to create flavour that retains its distinctive qualities when served ice cold to complement the mellow apple aroma and soft fruity character.